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Professional landscaping anchors a house to the site, connects it with the environment and creates a welcoming entrance to a home. As landscape designers we work with living plants as well as building materials to design for future growth and maintenance as well as the visual appeal to maximize the potential of your outdoor space.

Keeping in mind both style and functionality, we will analyze your architecture and available space to produce a plan that could include the position and materials for walkways, patios, water features, fences and other hard landscaping elements.

In addition, we will carefully assess your geographic region to choose plants, trees and flowers that will flourish naturally, as well as address concerns such as drainage, screening and soil conditions.


We believe that landscape design creativity adds value to any project and we strive to implement innovative design solutions.

We are passionate about landscapes, conservation and sustainability and have an eye for detail that extends to incorporate both internal and external spaces and we carefully consider how these spaces within nature and the surrounding architecture will change and be used over time.


We strive to create inspirational, dynamic and authentically engaging spaces within a local and international portfolio.

Our company is well-equipped to manage all scales of projects, and is particularly skilled in landscape planning and design, from the initial identification and analysis of sites, to the consultation on large scale projects where the input of numerous contractors is required.


This includes: 

Design concepts

Landscape masterplans

Sketch plans and planting plans

Detailed construction drawing and information

Site development plans (SDP)

3D design

Graphic presentations,

 including the use of 3D design and AutoCAD

Photorealistic 3D Renders

Digital Animation of designs and layouts

Project management

On Site Management

Bill of Quantities 

Costing Calculations

Supplier and Delivery Management 


Jacky Van Wyk

Owner / Director

I remember from a young age that I was interested in art, creativity and design and I fell in love with colour, texture and the romance of flowers while watching my grandmother build the most elaborate yet detailed flower arrangements.

In 2015 I decided to pursue my creative spirit and as a result I started studying Landscape Design with Lifestyle College.After completing my studies and working within the industry I decided it was time to open my own business. I opened Artfully Rooted Landscape Design in August 2019.

I welcome the challenges and rewards of collaborating with clients to create gardens and outdoor living spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and functional to clients needs and lifestyles.

Aiming to create timeless spaces and multi layered environments where emotional connection, design and nature are in close and harmonious communication. I also enjoy connecting people to nature, not only through plants and flowers, but through the arrangement of hard and soft landscaping elements within a space and their relation to the environment beyond. Each project is an exciting opportunity to take both internal and external spaces to the next level and develop them into an area that engages the senses and encourages people to spend time within them. How can I help you to create your dream landscape?


Rowan de Vos

Landscape Designer

As far back as I can remember I have been fascinated with construction and structures. Every time my parents bought me a LEGO set, I would ignore the instructions, combine all the sets into one and build my own “building”. Little has changed over the years, except instead of LEGO, I now have sophisticated computer software to use to create my visions.

Having studied landscape design, I saw the importance between construction (hard materials) and nature (soft materials). This opened a whole new world of design and fascination for me and over the last ten years I have worked on the balance between the materials.

A huge factor for all my designs would be the link between the architecture and the landscape, bringing the inside out and the outside in. For me a landscape design does not only start where the house ends. By designing a seamless transition from interior to exterior and working in harmony with both the natural and built environment a comfortable and harmonious space can be created.

Each project is a unique journey between me, the client and the site. Watching a space transform, from a simple concept to a computer-generated model, seeing my interpretation of the client’s needs and wants come to life, not only during the build but over the following years as the landscape establishes itself, confirms I am living my dream career.